CSD – As Clean as a Whistle!

Commercial and Specialised Diving were called out to a London Thames Water Reservoir this month to install an inflatable pipe-stopper. When undertaking work in potable water, hygiene and cleanliness are of paramount importance. CSD take diver qualification and knowledge very seriously and one of the cards our divers carry is the EUSR National Water Hygiene Card. To qualify for the card divers need to be trained and fully aware of the ways in which potable water can be contaminated and the steps to be taken to ensure this doesn’t occur.

In addition to diver training and knowledge, clean diving kit is an essential element in ensuring contamination does not take place. Unlike many commercial diving companies, CSD have dedicated clean water dive suits and apparatus that is never used in marine environments and kept scrupulously clean.

Prior to setting out for the reservoir, all equipment was pre-cleaned and washed down and on arrival both equipment and divers were taken to a clean area for sterilisation. Our diver then entered the reservoir and made his way to the operation site where the stopper was installed and inflated to check it was correctly placed and secure.


‘I would like to say I was very impressed with the operational performance of your team.  The planning stages including the RAMS were excellent which was made clear by the success of the day’. Thames Water Project Engineer

Another clean sweep by CSD’s clean divers!

Diver emerging from reservoir
Diver emerging from reservoir