Concrete Mattresses

Concrete mattresses comprise of moulded concrete shapes joined together that can adapt to the shape of the surface they are laying on. Their primary function is to protect the surface they are installed upon. The density of the concrete is adjusted to the specific use intended. Some mattresses even have chamfered edges to enable trawling gear to be used directly over the top of them without snagging.


Concrete mattresses


Concrete mattresses are used to protect pipelines, undersea cables, prevent scour in rivers and prop wash in docks. They are laid over the top of the item they are intended to protect.


Concrete mattress being lowered into position


One recent project that Commercial and Specialised Diving have completed was the task of installing concrete mattresses in the River Avon.  The mattresses successfully installed here were designed to prevent scour to the river bed and bank to protect a valuable utility building.


Concrete mattress in place


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