Circular Pile Repairs

The inspection of underwater structures is often overlooked but is extremely important. This is because it helps to highlight any issues -some of which might need urgent attention. You could have extensive damage below the waterline without even knowing it.

Commercial and Specialised Diving use experienced divers with a wide range of skills and specialist underwater equipment to carry out this type of work to the highest level.

An example of extensive circular pile inspection and repair was carried out recently by Commercial and Specialised Diving. The operation started critically with the inspection of the piles and the identification of any damage.

Once the extent of damage was identified Commercial and Specialised Diving then set about repairing the piles which required experience in underwater welding, underwater concrete work and underwater construction skills. All of which Commercial and Specialised Diving are able to provide. The project was completed on time, on budget and to our client’s satisfaction.

Should you or your company require specialised underwater inspection and repair work for any upcoming project, contact Commercial and Specialised Diving for guidance on 01202 580007.

Circular Pile Repairs being carried out