Children are pulling out your expansion joints!

Children are pulling out your expansion joints?

‘Where movement joints are provided in order to meet the requirements of BS 5385: Part 3 1989 (amended 1992), the compound used should be as hard as possible so as to reduce the likelihood that it can be pulled out of the joint.’

Extract from Managing health and safety in swimming pools, HSG179 (Third edition, published 2003).

The Problem:
In many swimming pools throughout the country, children are pulling out expansion joints where they have been installed with, typically, a soft mastic material.
If the compound used to fill your swimming pool expansion joints can be removed easily, it can create complications, endangering its users and the pool integrity!

Missing expansion joint compound can expose sharp tile edges which can severely cut pool users. The water can also de-bond numerous tiles by getting underneath them. Not to mention water can leak out of the pool through the expansion joint in the swimming pool tank.
The health and safety risk to pool users is cut feet, whilst the risk to the pool is structural damage and water proof integrity that can lead to water loss.

The Solution:
Commercial & Specialised Diving can replace your existing or missing expansion joint compound without the need to drain you swimming pool.
Our compound has anti-pick properties, making it difficult to be removed. It forms a water tight seal and has enough movement in it to allow for compression and expansion to allow for any normal expansion and contraction movement of the swimming pool.
Commercial & Specialised Diving are experienced swimming pool repair experts, servicing all types of pool across the nation. Contact our friendly team on 01202 580007 to find out how we can help keep your swimming pool Health and Safety compliant.

An example of picked out expansion joints

After Commercial and Specialised Diving have repaired failing expansion joint.