Canals – Keeping the Tow Paths Intact

Canals once formed the backbone of transporting resources and goods around England.  Nowadays they are used primarily for the leisure and holiday industry.

Wash caused by boats travelling along the canals can erode the banks. This can cause masonry from the edges of towpaths to fall into the canal.  Canals can also silt up, putting boats at risk to running aground.  Locks and sluices also require maintenance in order for them to work efficiently. Commercial and Specialised Diving regularly carry out inspection and repair work within canals throughout the UK.

Our first task when working in a canal is to ensure our divers are protected from boat traffic and that lochs or sluices are made safe.  We can then begin a survey to include above and below the waterline, from the canal bed to the top of the coping.  Details recorded include type of construction, location of any features, river bed profile adjacent to the wall, ultrasonic test readings and the location and nature of any defects.

Any repairs then can be carried out accordingly by Commercial and Specialised Diving, taking into account any budgetary constraints.

Commercial and Specialised Diving have the knowledge and experience to carry out comprehensive and thorough surveys – so if you would like to find out more about our canal wall survey services, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01202 580007.  25022009151 (2).jpg