Bradley-Stoke Leisure Centres New Deep End Floor

Active South Gloucestershire’s Bradley-Stoke leisure centre recently received a newly re-tiled deep end floor in their 25m main swimming pool.

Buckling of tiles on the pool floor

One of the homes of Southwold Swimming club Bradley-Stoke leisure centre recently found that a strip of tiles had blown in the deep end of their main pool creating a high risk cutting hazard. As is common in many of our call outs to faults involving tiles in a swimming pool, the exact scale of the affected area was not immediately apparent. Once these first tiles had blown loose further degradation of the surrounding tile adhesive began to occur. Due to this, what appeared from the surface to be a small problem was in fact much larger.

01 before
Mid way through re-tiling

After identifying the number of tiles affected, 10m² of tiles were removed and the surrounding tiles sealed to prevent water ingress and the number of faulty tiles spreading.  A specialised underwater two part epoxy was then used to retile the whole area, including colour matching the lane marker tiles and regrouting to ensure the safety of future pool users.

02 after
Completion of tiling and regrouting

A portion of the work was able to be conducted safely during normal working hours to help reduce revenue loss, whilst ensuring minimal disruption to the running of the pool. This was a typical job for CSD and it’s why we always stock a large range of tiles and adhesives so that no pool should remain shut for longer than necessary.