Annual Balance Tank Cleaning

The swimming pool balance tank is an important but often forgotten feature in the pool filtration system that plays a significant role in maintaining a constant water level in deck level and spa pools. It is situated in between the filtration system and the pool tank itself, providing an intermediate to hold the water displaced by bathers entering the pool before releasing the water back into the tank as bathers leave to give a constant water level.

Balance Tank
Inside of a balance tank before draining and cleaning

Due to its positioning before the filtration system and the constant transfer of water with the pool, the balance tank accumulates a large amount of debris and contaminants. This provides a prime breeding ground for a variety of bacteria, particularly on the walls of the tank as the water level rises and falls, that if not cleaned regularly can pose a serious threat to pool hygiene.

Bucket of debris removed during the cleaning of a balance tank
Bucket of debris removed during the cleaning of a balance tank

Although there are no official standards for the control of swimming pool water quality the HSE recognises guidance given by PWTAG (Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group) as the standard to be achieved in effectively managed swimming pools. The latest Code of Practice published in April 2014 by PWTAG states that balance tanks should be drained for inspection and cleaning at least annually to help ensure hygiene of pool users.

Example of the level of pipework corrosion found during balance tank surveys

CSD are able to provide the full clean and inspection of balance tanks recommended by the PWTAG Code of Practice, including debris removal, clean of all surfaces, disinfection using superchlorinated solution and inspection of valves and pipework, whilst adhering to HSE standards for working within a confined space. If it has been longer than a year since your balance tank was last cleaned contact us now to ensure the hygiene and satisfaction of your customers!