Avoid cut feet & tile failure in your pool!

If you are getting complaints about feet being cut in your swimming pool then chances are this is due to recessed grout exposing sharp tile edges.

Recessed grout isn’t just a health and safety risk, it can also put the structural integrity of your swimming pool at risk.

If the grout is missing it lets water in behind the tiles which can penetrate behind the tiles and de-bond them. If left unremedied, this can result in large areas of tiles becoming de-bonded. In extreme cases this can also contribute to leaks.


Grout failure lores
Recessed grout can make tiles de-bond


Recessed grout exposes tile edges which are then vulnerable to chipping.


Chipped tile lores
Chipped tiles can have razor sharp edges


Commercial & Specialised Diving can replace the grout in your entire swimming pool without the need to drain it. This can be done at your convenience by having the work done at night or when the pool is not being used. This ensures minimal disruption to the swimming pool availability and means you don’t need to lose any revenue by closing the pool.

Area of grouting lores
A section of pool floor with replaced grout.

Commercial & Specialised Diving provide swimming pool repair and maintenance services nationwide. Contact our pool technicians to find out more on 01202 580007 or contact via email at info@specialised-diving.co.uk.