A Safe Way for you to Work Over Water – Pontoons

Pontoons offer a flexible, effective solution to gaining safe access to structures over and alongside water. The pontoons are light, and being modular, can be assembled to fit almost any configuration.  This is particularly useful for carrying out surveys and maintenance work under bridges as they can be assembled to accommodate arches, pillars and other irregular features.


Commercial & Specialised Diving utilise pontoons regularly whilst carrying out bridge surveys and canal wall surveys. We find them equally useful for many other marine works, such as dock and harbour wall surveys and a whole host of maintenance works.

In working environments that call for additional safety measures, Commercial & Specialised Diving can also provide safety divers, safety boats and work boats.


We understand the hazards of working over and in water, and have in-depth expertise in providing and utilising modular pontoons. This means you can be confident the pontoon solution we supply will be tailored to suit the task, both from a safety and a practical perspective.

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