Yellow, green or black… which algae do you have?

If your pool is looking tired and old, it may be that it just needs a clean. Algae can grow on the tiles and grout joints, making the pool look grubby.


Algae covered wall lores
Algae can effect the whole swimming pool


There are over 21,000 different types of algae. Many that occur in swimming pools fall into the following categories:

Green Algae Green algae is the most common algae. It can reduce water clarity and form a slimy coating.

Yellow Algae Yellow algae usually grows in the shade and can be difficult to eradicate completely.

Black Algae Black algae forms dark spots. The algae heads have a protective layer and their deep forming roots can make them difficult to eradicate, without the necessary skills and expertise.

Black algae lores
Black algae can be particularly difficult to eradicate using just chemicals

Commercial & Specialised Diving can clean algae growth away from your tiled surfaces and refresh your grout joints to make your pool look young again!

Algae clean lores
Before and after cleaning

Cleaning work can be done without the need to drain your pool and can be tailored to work around your opening hours, such as overnight, to minimise disruption to your pool users.

Pool sunlight lores
Pools with natural sunlight are more susceptible to algae growth

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