Why you should maintain your Grilles!

Don’t let your grilles become a serious hazard! Grilles and similar features of the circulation system in a swimming pool are hugely important to the cleanliness of the water and are essential components.  Unfortunately, due to the very nature of the systems operation, the equipment behind grilles can represent a serious risk to pool users and it is imperative to their safety that these guards are not only in good order but regularly inspected and maintained.

Suction 1
Outlet grilles can be extremely dangerous!


If a grille is found to be broken or damaged, it can lead to entrapment or hair entanglement and therefore serious injury to swimmers! Replacement of a diffuser or grille that fails to meet the stringent safety specifications then becomes essential for health and safety.  Unfortunately, grilles and diffuser units tend to be fitted below the waterline, meaning that a repair means either placing a specialist dam nearby or carrying out the repair underwater.  Since dams are not an effective solution in most cases and present their own health & safety risks, the practical and cost effective solution is to effect repair with the water in place.

Grilles and diffuser covers are typically polymeric, aluminium, or stainless-steel constructions and are held in place using screw fixings to prevent them coming lose and presenting a serious danger to the pool users.  Removal of an old and damaged grille and its replacement with a new item is a regular service that Commercial and specialised Diving conduct. This can be done without the need to drain the pool and at nigh if required.

A newly installed anti-vortex grille

The expert team at Commercial and Specialised Diving have access to a full range of specialist underwater power tools and are adept in their use, making a job such as grille replacement safe and cost effective.  If you have an issue such as a damaged grille and need it replaced, we are able to advice and effect replacement quickly and with cost in mind. Call us today on 01202 580007 for further advice.