Top Tip – Self Draining Underwater Light Fascia


As a top tip for this month CSD would like to advise you of the benefits of fitting a self-draining underwater lighting fascia to unused or out of service underwater lights.

One of the common issues we are called in to deal with is broken / shattered glass from underwater light fittings. As you can imagine this kind of issue poses a considerable cutting hazard to pools users, and can lead to pool leaks if not dealt with.

One of our divers carefully prepares the light fitting.


CSD stock a variety of different HDPE (high density polyethylene) self draining underwater lighting fascias, which look in keeping with the pool and create a safer, more hygienic and cleaner environment, where lights are left redundant.

Fascia attached.


We are on hand to offer a solution so, don’t delay…call us today!