Supplement your H&S checks with an underwater survey

One of the biggest challenges when running a swimming pool is ensuring it meets health and safety standards to ensure the safety of customers using the pool. To help ensure this most pools will undergo a weekly walk around to visually assess the condition of the pool surround, features and tank itself. This is an invaluable procedure that can help to identify problems, e.g. loss of a grille or debonding of tiles, hopefully before they can cause any harm and potentially lead to compensatory claims.

Ladder damage
Example of a defect and potential cutting hazard that would not be easily visible from the pool surface

Whilst effective for the pool surround and major defects a visual inspection from the side of the pool can provide very little information about the walls and centre of the swimming pool tank. In order to receive sufficient evidence to successfully assess the condition of these areas of the tank they must be inspected from within the pool itself.

Diver survey
One of our divers conducting a survey of a swimming pool

From within the pool a clear view of the entire tank can be achieved as well as a much more detailed inspection of all areas undertaken. This can identify problems at a much earlier stage before they become hazards, e.g. missing fixings in grilles that could lead to loss of the grille itself or apexing of tiles, which is an early indication of debonding. CSD are able to offer full Health and Safety condition surveys of pools, recommended annually, that can be completed over night in order to minimise the impact on the running of your pool. A full written and photographic report is provided with surveys, highlighting areas of the pool that do not meet HSE Standards, with the option of having a video report to supplement this.