Striker Plates and Ladder Feet

Removable ladders are used in swimming pools to gain access into and out of the water. On a busy day at a swimming pool these ladders can be used hundreds of times, by persons of all shapes, sizes and weights.

All of this usage puts pressure upon the ladders and one of the first things to wear will be the ladder feet.

If the ladder feet wear through, the stainless steel tubing of the ladder will rest upon the tiles. Every time the ladder is used, the metal tube will scrape the surface of the tile. Over time the ladder foot will erode its way through the tile and into the pool wall or floor. In extreme cases this can even eat its way into the pool tank itself.

Once a hole is in the tiles the ladder will move more than it is meant to. The ladder will twist and warp when it is used, making it unstable. As this gets worse, the structure and strength of the ladder will weaken and the ladder will become a hazard to use.

A deep hole in the swimming pool tank wall created by ladder foot

The damaged tiles also present a hazard to anyone using the ladder as they have a high risk of cutting their feet.

One way to stop the pool tiles becoming damaged by removable ladders is to fit striker plates made from high density plastic.  These striker plates take the impact from the ladder feet and protect the tiles beneath. They won’t wear through like tiles, and form a hard wearing barrier.


Striker plates will help to protect swimming pool tiles

Commercial and Specialised Diving can fit striker plates to the walls and floors where ladder feet come into contact with the tiles.

The ladder feet should still be changed regularly, but these are cheap to replace and when combined with our striker plates, they can save your swimming pool from unnecessary ladder damage.

Commercial and Specialised Diving are swimming pool experts. We have fitted hundreds of striker plates to swimming pools in the UK.  Contact us on 01202 580007 to find out more about the services we offer.