Riverbank Scour Protection

Riverside pubs are a great place to relax, and what better way than with a glass of wine or a pint on a summers day?

However, whilst you are sipping your drink, have you ever thought about the work required to keep a riverside pub from being washed away?

Diver in river with survey pole
Diving team surveying the river bank scour protection

Riverbanks are subject to constant erosion from the flow of water, and even more so when the river is in flood. In order to protect the river bank and any structures built upon it, some form of scour protection is required to prevent it from being swept away.

Scour protection can take many forms, but often materials are used that either hold on to sediment (such as a web of interconnected car tyres) or offer a physical barrier to erosion, such as steel shutters, rock or concrete.

Diver inspecting the river bank

All scour protection will require regular inspection to ensure it is not being scoured itself. Any voids can then be filled to keep the anti-scour protection intact.

Commercial and Specialised Diving install scour protection, conduct scour protection surveys and also have the skills required to repair any sections that need attention.

Commercial and Specialised Diving are experts at underwater inspection, construction and repair work. If you have a project that requires our assistance, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01202 580007.