Keeping Your Pool’s Health In The Balance

If your swimming pool is a deck level pool, a vanishing edge pool or has a wave machine, then chances are that it will have a balance tank.

Balance tanks are used to hold excess water in reserve to ensure the swimming pool is always kept at the correct level. The more people who enter the pool, the more water will overflow. To stop the entire floor around the pool area from becoming flooded, the excess water is held in balance tank.

Balance tanks are often out of sight and out of mind.  They are normally hidden beneath the pool surround floor.

Balance tanks are typically classed as an enclosed space as there is generally only access into them via a manhole.  Life threatening conditions can be generated in this enclosed space, so air monitors and breathing apparatus form integral parts of the essential life saving equipment when working in this hazardous environment. Only trained personnel can enter a confined space.

A pool technician correctly equipped to enter a balance tank

And it isn’t just the fumes which can troublesome. Commercial and Specialised Diving are often called in to clean all surfaces from debris and detritus, including body fat.  Once clean, an inspection of the balance tank and valves is conducted.


Balance tanks are a gathering point for debris


Balance tanks are normally full of swimming pool debris such as bits of float, dirt and body fat.  Fortunately the chemicals in the water will kill most of the bacteria, but a deep clean of this potential germ playground is recommended at least once a year and twice a year for busy pools.

Valves are often subject to corrosion and deterioration due to the harsh environment that they are subject to within the balance tank. Even though the valves may be plastic, they are often fixed using metal bolts and these are particularly vulnerable to rusting.


Rusty Balance Tank Valve.jpg
Rusty pipe fitting

Once the balance tank has been thoroughly inspected it is recommended to use a super-chlorinated solution to wash down all surfaces in order to kill any remaining bacteria and germs.

Commercial and Specialised Diving are experts in swimming pool repairs and maintenance.  If you need to have your balance tank cleaned and/or inspected, then book us for its annual service. Speak to one of our friendly swimming pool technicians on 01202 580007.