Is your moving floor about to harm customers?

Health and Safety – Is your moving floor about to harm customers?

‘The design of a movable floor and/or bulkhead, either for a new pool or for an existing pool, will need to include careful consideration of health and safety issues.’

Extract from Managing health and safety in swimming pools, HSG179 (Third edition, published 2003).

The Problem:
Moving floor components are often out of sight and out of mind. Problems can easily go unnoticed as members of staff or customers will not be able to see underneath the moving floor.

There are numerous areas of moving floors that can be subject to damage. Pulley cables can fray, de-bonded tiles can get caught in the mechanisms, areas may be subject to rusting and corrosion and debris can easily build up underneath the floor leading to water contamination!

Should there be a catastrophic failure, of the moving floor, this can result in further damage to the pool tank and tiles.

The worst outcome, if the floor were to fail, is any harm to pool users. If pool users are on the floor when the mechanism fails they could become severely hurt.

The Solution:
Commercial & Specialised Diving recommend that moving floors should have a regular annual inspection in order to highlight any issues before they become a problem.

Commercial & Specialised Diving are experienced moving floor surveyors and their diving teams can carry out repairs underneath the moving floors without the need to drain, re-fill and re-heat your pool.

Commercial & Specialised Diving are experienced swimming pool repair experts, inspecting all types of pools across the nation. Contact our friendly team on 01202 580007 to find out how we can help keep your swimming pool Health and Safety compliant.

Diver underneath a moving floor.

Frayed pulley cable.

Damage identified by one of our dive teams.