Diving In Unusual Places – Fishing Lakes

Fishing is one of the nation’s favourite pastimes.

Recently, the owners of one such popular fishing spot in the Midlands required the assistance of Commercial and Specialised Diving to help clear underwater obstacles that kept snagging the fishing lines.

Divers were deployed along with a boat and mobile diving platform to explore the snagging hazard.  A number of trees were found to be the culprit and were duly removed.

Tree debris 600
Tree branches and concrete blocks removed from the lake

This may seem like an unusual job, but it is just another day in the office for Commercial and Specialised Diving.

Diver Entering Water 600
A diver prepares to enter the water to remove the branches in the water

Over the years Commercial and Specialised Diving have completed similar tasks in many fishing lakes throughout the UK.  In one instance a fully grown tree was removed.

Commercial and Specialised Diving can dive in unusual locations to undertake unusual jobs. If you have a project that requires our assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly members of staff on 01202 580007 to discuss your requirements.