Bridge Scour Protection


Bridge scour is the removal of sediment such as sand and rocks from around bridge abutments or piers. Scour is typically caused by swiftly moving water that scoops out scour holes which compromises the integrity of a structure.

Scour image
An example of how scour can occur.

Commercial and Specialised Diving have assisted with various methods of scour protection throughout our 20+ years of experience.  A common solution to help prevent bridge scour is to install scour protection mattresses. These are large mattresses filled with grout/cement that are placed at the base of the bridge.

An example of a grout mattress on the surface.

Commercial and Specialised Diving have a wealth of experience assisting with the underwater installation of scour protection mattresses, so contact us today should you need any specialist assistance on 01202 580007 or click on our website at