Are your swimming pool tiles ready to pop?

Swimming pool tiles do not always remain stuck to the screed or swimming pool tank. They can become de-bonded for any number of reasons. Once one tile is affected, the adjacent tiles will also be vulnerable to becoming unstuck.

Popping tiles wide 600
Popped tiles can effect large areas

When tiles become unstuck voids form behind the tiles leaving only the grout joints to hold them together. Pool expansion and contraction due to pressure and temperature changes will cause the tiles to expand. If this movement is excessive the tiles can pop off.


Popping tiles 600
Tiles popping off

Voids beneath tiles are dangerous because if the tiles fail completely, and pop off, they can present a serious cutting hazard to swimming pool users. In this case there is the added risk that the swimming pool will need to be closed, resulting in lost revenue, disgruntled patrons and a bad reputation.



However, the worst thing you can do if you have areas of tiles with voids is to drain your swimming pool as this will make the problem worse and could cause all the areas of tiles with voids to pop off.

Hollow tiles often develop unnoticed and are a potentially large problem waiting to happen.

Popped tiles 600
Voids under tiles can cause the tiles to lift

Although the voids cannot be seen they can be found by specialist divers. Tap testing involves a diver inspecting every single tile in your swimming pool.

Once hollow sections are located the tiles can be removed and replaced to form a completely solid repair. This work can be done whilst keeping the pool open and without the need to drain the pool.

Commercial & Specialised Diving have trained underwater swimming pool technicians to identify voids behind tiles. They can also carry out repairs required to rectify the problem.

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