Anode Installation you can count on!

One of the services in frequent demand at Commercial & Specialised Diving is the installation of sacrificial anodes. This is a highly skilled operation that requires underwater welding.

Sacrificial anodes help protect submerged metal structures from the corrosive nature of seawater and are sited wherever metal and sea water come into constant or frequent contact, such as piers and quayside walls.

Generally the operation may involve the removal of existing anodes using specialist equipment and the preparation of the surfaces for underwater welding.  Replacement back plates are then welded on. Finally the new or replacement anodes are secured.

Diver exiting the water

These sacrificial anodes are made from a more reactive (greater negative potential) metal than the surrounding structure, often zinc, meaning that the high level of corrosion caused by the salt water is focused on these anodes instead of the surrounding metal.

Examples of zinc anodes

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