• Pool LiningCompliant all diving regulations
  • DrainageNational Coverage Emergency Call-Out
  • Flume LiningCompliant all diving regulations
  • FlooringNational Coverage Emergency Call-Out

Commercial and Specialised Diving

Professional diving contractors with a wide range of expertise specialising in:


  • Underwater Marine, Civil & Mechanical Engineering
  • Underwater swimming pool repair, maintenance & surveys
  • Underwater Film and TV Work


Marine & Civil Engineering

Marine & Civil Engineering

Commercial & Specialised Diving offer a comprehensive range of diving services inshore and inland to:

  • Multi-national civil engineering companies
  • Port and dock authorities and marinas
  • Environmental agencies & non-governmental agencies
  • Local councils
  • Private companies


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Swimming Pools

Commercial & Specialised Diving repair and survey commercial and private swimming pools 24/7, without the expense and possible damage caused by draining.

Benefits of underwater maintenance include:

  • No pool down-time & no loss of revenue
  • Less disruption
  • No drain and re-fill cost
  • No re-heating cost
  • No replacement chemical cost


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Film & TV

Film & TV

Commercial & Specialised Diving Film & Television Services offer a wide and dynamic range of services to support and enhance your media and production projects:

  • Consultancy
  • Logistics and equipment hire
  • Camera crews
  • Specialist divers & Safety divers
  • Police Divers
  • BBC & Granada approved


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Equipment Hire

Diving Equipment Hire

We offer a range of top-quality, fully maintained equipment for hire,


  • Diving equipment
  • Boats & safety boats
  • Water safety equipment
  • Life jacket hire
  • Platforms & Pontoons
  • Dry suits
  • Wet suits
  • Specialist diving equipment
  • Historical diving equipment


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